The Boise State Book Club was created to unite Boise State alumni and friends in the same discussion happening on campus today through the Campus Read program

2016-17 Selection

The Road to Character

By David Brooks

In The Road to Character, author David Brooks focuses on the deeper values that should inform our lives. Responding to what he calls the culture of the Big Me, which emphasizes external success, Brooks challenges us, and himself, to rebalance the scales between our “résumé virtues”—achieving wealth, fame, and status—and our “eulogy virtues,” those that exist at the core of our being: kindness, bravery, honesty, or faithfulness, focusing on what kind of relationships we have formed. to rethink our priorities, and strive to build rich inner lives marked by humility and moral depth.

Need a copy? The book can be purchased from the Boise State Bookstore. Print and digital copies also are available at Albertsons Library and the Boise Public Library.


Because we know our campus community extends beyond the physical environment Boise State resides on — especially as our graduates land all over the globe — we want to invite all of our alumni and friends to join the Boise State Book Club. Join today by participating in the discussion group below. Official Boise State Book Club Topics will be posted each week by Haley Robinson, our on-campus moderator.







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