Boise State University Foundation Data Request Form

Note: This form is for Boise State University Faculty/Staff use only. 

Our goal is to provide the information you need to build strong relationships with our constituents and to be cognizant and thoughtful of the number of times we (the University and all its departments) communicate with our constituents. 

Data provided to you is strictly confidential and must be used only for the purpose stated in your request. This information is not to be shared with students or saved for future use as it will quickly become out of date. It is our goal to provide you with the most current information available. 

External Email and Mailing output will be provided in excel format via e-mail unless otherwise specified. Data must be used within 10 business days after the list is received or the list will be considered outdated and need to be pulled again.

Turn Around Time:
Please plan on a MINIMUM turnaround of 10 business days.




Constituent Communication Group Definitions